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For the past 4 years, we've assisted over 50 companies in resolving their issues and have created and maintained more than 126 mobile apps and websites, serving clients from Surabaya to all over Indonesia

Different businesses face different problems, so we help them in many ways.

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Our focus is to help
digitalize your business

Digitizing your business expands your market, resulting in higher revenue and customer satisfaction

Digitalizing your company
can boost your productivity up to



Increases in company-wide productivity

Digitizing your business operation, will boost your company productivity, encouraging quick decision making leading to healthy business growth.

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What Type Of Digital Investment
Suits Your Business Needs?

Feel how your
digitalization experience
would be with ORDO

We will start by addressing
your problem

It all begins with diving deep into your business, understanding your needs, goals, and the specific functionalities necessary for your software.

We design the solution
exactly how you want it

During this design phase, we'll craft the visual aesthetics and functionality of your apps. We'll architect the framework, outline data structures, and develop comprehensive design specifications.

Then we start the
development process

Our developers dive into the software engineering process, building the necessary components and functionalities of the product according to the approved design guide and specifications.

Brace yourself for
the impressive outcomes

As we approach the final milestone, it's time to launch your software! Prepare to witness your software become accessible, allowing users to explore its full potential.

Rest easy, we'll maintain
your software for you

Even after we launch your app, you’ll get a year of free maintenance, and we will continue after that too. You don't have to stress about keeping your software up and running; we've got your back.

Scroll horizontally and
we'll show you the process

If we fail to
deliver perfection,
We'll Refund
100% of Your Money!

We Are Confident
in Our Skills

Only real experts in their
field dare to make this kind of
crazy offer

Free Blueprint
& Flow Before DP

We even help you visualize
& conceptualize your software
before any payment

A True Zero-Risk
Digital Investment

Zero-risk investment
offered & handled by
digital experts

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Happy Hearts Indonesia

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di Tangan yang Tepat

Series Hotel

Hotel / Properti Operator
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